“Enhance Your Natural Beauty”

1: Drink Plenty Of Water & Fruit Juice

2: Sweat Baby (Lose Those Calories)

3: Soak In A Nice Hot Bath (Try adding some herbs in there)

4: Try Natural Organic Skin Products

5: No Makeup For A Week (Give It A Break)

6: Eat Lots Of Orange Fruits And Veggies (It Helps With Completion)

7: Keep Your Teeth Looking Good (Try Natural Teeth Whiteners/Charcoal)

8: After A Good Hair Wash And Deep Conditioning Try Soaking Your Hair In Warm Herbal Tea (Tone Your Tresses)

9: Keep Those Boobs Nice And Perky Ladies (30 Seconds Under Cool Water Each Day) Try Breast Enhancement Cream Too

10: No Sugar And Processed Foods (You’ll Break Your Skin Out)

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