Breyanah’s Model Portfolio Building Questions & Answers

  1. What is the most important thing I should consider before I start my portfolio?
  2. Do I need to work with more than one photographer?
  3. How do I pick the right photographer?
  4. Should I use a modeling agency’s photographer?
  5. Can I have a friend that is good with a good camera take my pictures?
  6.  Do I really need a makeup artist?
  7. What kind of clothing should I wear?
  8. What kinds of pictures do I need in my modeling portfolio?
  9. Should I include any photos with no makeup?
  10. How many photos do I need in my modeling portfolio?
  11. How large should the photos be?
  12. Where can I get a modeling portfolio book?
  13. Do I need any special skills, like dancing or gymnastics?
  14. Should all the photos be in color?
  15. Do I need to pose in swimsuits or lingerie? What about Nude?

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